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a close up of the road….



Cruising through the streets of Lismore has never been so ‘cool’.

I’m getting well acquainted with the slow innuendo of the bumpy tarmac and curvaceous round- abouts.

The best thing I have done for myself is buy a motor scooter, they are a joy to ride and are very cheap on fuel.

As a child I loved to ride my BMX  along gravel roads, it was the only mode of transport available……unless you wanted to walk. The same can be said about modern times.

Although it took me a while to earn my licence, including having to ride to Wollongbar,a few too many times to acquire my P plates, It’s almost embarrassing but after trying about 4 times i finally got there. Riding home with a wide grin on my face…..finally i got there!


Mainly I used my moto at first to go to TAFE twice a week plus to the chemist…very handy indeed.

After about a year it is just as integral in my life, .I can still enjoy the view riding among Lismore’s beautiful streets, where trees add to the sights and the cafe aromas hug the nasal passages.

After learning the basics I have well deserved my licence….where I can travel risk free when ever I need to.

Riding my bike does indeed make me feel somewhat ‘suave’, when i can belong to the elite club  of riders who enjoy the breeze  and grunt of a hot engine. Riding a moto scooter definitely adds to my image such that i can get away with being cool and crazy at the same time.


2 thoughts on “a close up of the road….

  1. Fabulous piece Ben. I loved everything about it, though was particularly entertained by the wording of the final sentence. Keep posting your blogs. They’re as good as a piece of Rocky Road tossed into a drooling mouth during Judge Judy’s deliberations.

  2. Reblogged this on qwertywriter50 and commented:
    My son’s taken to blogging as well …

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