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Pathways through Burma


I can remember my first time I toured South East Asia so vividly, the sounds, smells and sights were so overpowering,

it smacked me in the face like a punch from a black belt in karate. The markets were a throng of activity I had never experienced before .and the traffic likewise. My first time through Vietnam and then Cambodia bombarded my senses, nothing prepared my for what was to come.

Such lovely people bargained relentlessly ans incessantly and most of the time I got what I wanted, although most items were so cheap it wasn’t worth bargaining…….just pay up in US dollar and make sure you get your maths right as the vendors reach for the calculator.

Time is ticking down as I plan a trip through Burma ( Myanmar ). Not knowing what to look for there in an air of mystery and intrigue yet unravelled by previous trips through Asia..What to wear, what to eat and sometimes what to say plagues my conscience.A lot of the local food is bought from the street markets; so I should give it a wide birth and eat with minimalism in mind. Although sometimes fortune favors the brave, but i dare not risk it this time.

I would expect Burma to offer an experience none less than profound, daring the intrepid traveler to take that extra photo, that extra step, through Buddhist temples and monasteries ., Soaking everything up at once would be difficult so I will bring with me my trusty digital camera and itchy finger taking as many shots as applicable.

Burma awaits.


2 thoughts on “Pathways through Burma

  1. I’m getting excited now after reading your words …

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